Multicomponent polymer films towards fabrication of multiprotein patterns

The great success of DNA chips initiated studies on protein arrays, which involves a necessity of investigation the phenomenon of protein immobilization onto the surface. The introduced methods of multiprotein chips formation mainly use photo-/ nanolithography and soft lithography based approaches, or their combination, what tends to be complicated and costly. In the proposed project I will use my experience in development of polymer patterns to fabricate patterns of different functional polymers (thermo- and pH responsive) to enable selective and reversed protein adsorption. The aim of the proposal is to fabricate easily and efficiently arrays of different function proteins by their selective physical adsorption to domains of various functional polymers, covering the range of length scales that are important for cell biological applications. Moreover, these types of protein patterns may be also used for biosensor applications.

This work is financially supported by the National Science Centre under project number DEC-2013/09/D/ST5/03860