Impact of electric field on the phase separation process of semiconductor-insulator polymers blend in thin polymer films casted from the solvent

The main goal of the project is to investigate the influence of perpendicular electric field on the phase separation of polymers blends casted from the solvent. Polymers blend films were prepared by H-dipping where a small amount of solution is placed between the bar and the substrate which moves under the bar using a computer-controlled linear stage. In proposed method the alternating or direct current is applied between conductive substrate and electrode formed on the bar. The perpendicular electric field influence phase separation and allow to create region with determine structure of polymer films without any additional steps. The result of the project is the new method to thin polymeric film formation compatible with roll-to-roll technology.



1) Polish Patent P.418951, date 2016-10-01

2) The invented method and device is also patent pending:

- Polish Patent Office: P.425002, date 2018-03-23 and P.425043, date 2018-03-28

- Patent Cooperation Treaty: PCT/PL2017/050048, date 2017-09-25



This work was supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the Iuventus Plus Program realized in the period 2015–2017 (Grant No. 0001/IP3/2015/73).