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1. Protein and nucleotide nanolayers for biosensor applications
1.1. Microscopic (AFM, AFM-TREC, SNOM, fluorescence) and spectroscopic (TOF-SIMS, ARXPS) analysis of biorecognition (protein and nucleotide) nanolayers for biosensor applications [cooperation: P. Petrou, Athens]
1.2. Protein surface micro-patterning with self-assembly and soft lithography (AFM, NSOM, fluorescence, TOF-SIMS, combinatorial surface chemistry) [cooperation M. Lekka, Kraków]
2. Effects of man-made organic surfaces on protein and cell behavior
2.1. Intelligent (stimuli-responsive) and biomimetic organic coatings for controlled protein adsorption (AFM, fluorescence, TOF-SIMS, contact angle) [cooperation Y. Stetsyshyn, Lvov]
2.2. Effects of artificial micro- and nano-structured polymer surfaces on cell behavior (AFM, optical, fluorescence, TOF-SIMS, contact angle) [cooperation M. Lekka, Kraków]



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